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The Best Furniture Stores in Bali: Ultimate Guide

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Bali is home to a variety of stunning villas, resorts, and homes. A major factor in their stand-out appeal is their incredible furnishings. The island’s furniture scene is vivid and thriving with remarkable designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and durable materials. In this comprehensive guide to the best furniture stores in Bali, we’ll dive deep into the top locations where you can source your furnishings.

Craft your dream home with these decor options, and learn the best ways to buy them in Bali!

Best Furniture Stores in Bali for Different Styles

Luxury and Chic interior design

Balquisse Living

Want to embody luxury and chic interior design in your home? Bali is lush with options for stunning designer and high-end furniture pieces. Balquisse Living, based in North Kuta, is one fantastic example. With their interior and exterior furniture and decor, these pieces by designer Zohra Boukhari each tell a story. Featuring mostly wood and rattan materials, the furnishings at Balquisse Living exude bold energy that complements any space. 

Kim Soo Home

Their collections feature both contemporary and antique Asian and French styles. These home textiles are crafted with a clear focus on detail, making them practical and stylish. Another luxury must-visit store in Bali is Kim Soo Home, located in Seminyak and run by a mother-daughter duo. 

This shop is ‘’born from a love of living beautifully, simply and with ease’’. 

Their decor follows through on this love - with a selection ranging from home accessories, furnishings, and lifestyle items available. Their minimalistic pieces sourced from local Indonesian artisans use bold designs and neutral colors, exuding peace and harmony. You can admire their pieces before you add them to your home by visiting their cafe area. 

Lio Collection

If you’re looking for luxury with a big beachy, tropical influence, Lio Collection is the perfect fit. Think of relaxing by the pool on a stunning, uniquely designed hand-woven lounge chair. Lio Collection uses natural, sustainable materials such as Balinese bamboo and Javanese terracotta to craft their stunning designs. The majority of their collections emphasize an organic, relaxed style with an effortless elegance. 

Vintage and bohemian interior design

Tamara Danielle

Bali is well-known for its range of bohemian and vintage furnishings that have a more stand-out look. Tamara Danielle is one of the most popular choices, with outlets in 

  • Ubud, 

  • Seminyak,

  • Kuta, 

  • and Sanur. 

Their eye-catching furnishings and decor scream personality, with countless unique pieces to choose from. Where else might you find a decor selection that includes antique diving helmets, glass bowls, lanterns, and carved driftwood horse statues in one place?

Toko Emporium

If you’re wanting to add stunning finishing touches to your home, Toko Emporium is also a great choice. Selling items at wholesale prices with a big focus on classic Balinese artistry, Toko Emporium is a treasure trove for home decor. Brass, bronze, silver, resin, leather, and beaded items are their go-to. You can find one-of-a-kind pieces to add flair to any area. From something as simple as water hyacinth printed table settings to a bolder, bigger piece like their hand-carved water buffalo skull!

Rattan and natural interior design

Bali Wijaya Rattan

Rattan furnishings are made of woven palm, turning strands of wood into stunning decor. One of the best Bali furniture stores for this look is Bali Wijaya Rattan, which highlights the diverse, sustainable rattan furniture available on the island. The versatility and beauty of these palm materials are emphasized with these natural, simple furnishings. 

Bali Wijaya Rattan has 

  • rattan mirrors,

  • lounge chairs, 

  • couches, 

  • tables, 

  • Sun shades

  • And much more.

Mercia Home Living

Mercia Home Living also offers a wider range of home decor, with many smaller furnishings that can add personality and harmony to any space. These practical and gorgeous items include lampshades, stools, placemats, baskets, and cushions. They use diverse weaving materials, such as banana fiber, black palm, and seagrass. Their talented artists even incorporate other sustainably sourced Balinese materials, like seashells and lace.  

Local and Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Warisan Living Furniture

One of the best parts of shopping for furniture in Bali is the number of budget-friendly options, that are still locally-made and high-quality. Finding these hidden gems isn’t too difficult! Visit Warisan Living Furniture Showroom; a store that has supplied residential and corporate furniture across the world. Their huge range includes both high-end furnishings alongside more affordable options. 


DECORA is another example; this furniture manufacturer offers a collection of incredible, comfortable, and creative designs. They take their service to another level by offering designs for custom, exclusive models that you can personalize. Their antique collection uses recycled wood and other materials, making every piece unique. There’s truly something for everyone at this store; with everything in between contemporary and vintage available. 

Beyond the Stores

Online Shopping

If you’re looking for a quiet and convenient way to shop from afar, you can visit Bali’s online stores. There are multiple reputable furniture vendors with vast online catalogs available for you to order! We’ve already covered some; Tamara Danielle, Mercia Home Living, and Kim Soo Wholesale have fantastic online stores. 

Jenggala is another great option for online shopping. Offering high-quality tableware and homeware with a focus on ceramics and glass, Jenggala is well-known for its breathtaking collections. Their featured artists each provide a unique design style, but you can also order a custom piece of your choosing. 

Traditional Markets and Bargaining

find bali interior decorations at the Ubud art market

Navigating Bali’s vibrant, bustling furniture markets may seem intimidating. Art markets in Ubud and Sukawati are full of energy, color, and people. To navigate them with ease, you can prepare yourself with bargaining tactics and learn the expected cultural etiquette. 

Haggling tips when buying new furniture

Haggling isn’t uncommon (or rude), as long as stay polite and firm rather than loud and demanding. Before you go up to the vendor, think of a budget that you’re personally comfortable with and compare it to the average market prices. Peruse the other stalls and take note of those price tags. 

Start your negotiation by asking about the seller’s price, then counter with a price anywhere from 20-50% less. You can expect to meet the seller somewhere in the middle once you reach an agreement! Stay calm and friendly - don’t let it show that you desperately want this piece. Once you do agree to a price, stick to your word in paying it. 

Bali Indonesia: interior design services

Putting together a cohesive interior design, complete with all types of furniture, decor, and homeware, is difficult. It takes an expert eye to tell what pieces fit together in a space and can encourage harmony or portray a certain type of personality. If you want to create a custom space that feels and looks perfect, you can ask expert interior designers for help.

In Bali, Azula Designs is a leading interior design boutique. Their incredible team turns clients’ visions into an optimized home from every aspect. You can rely on them to customize every detail of your space, from its outside landscape to custom-built furniture.


Your personal Balinese haven is waiting; all you need to do is explore it! With so many affordable and eye-catching styles and designs available, there’s no limit to the possibilities you can use in your home or retail space. The stores we’ve explored offer a huge range of top-tier furnishings that exemplify Balinese excellence and aesthetics. 

Everything from a beachy chic look to a bold bohemian personality is at your fingertips. Have your own favorite Balinese furniture stores that we haven’t included? Share them with us!


Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
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