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Interior Designing

Azula Designs Process

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From design concept development to excellent execution

At Azula Designs, the interior design process begins with a personalised consultation to understand your vision, style, and preferences. Our team takes the time to listen to your needs and understand your lifestyle to create a space that is functional, beautiful, and uniquely yours.

Interior Designing



The first phase involves a friendly discovery call. This free meeting is done online or on-site - depending on the client's needs. Here, we discuss the vision, establish a relationship and absorb the true intentions of our client's project. 


Design Proposal

In Phase 2, Azula Designs presents a carefully crafted proposal - uniquely tailored to each client. We don't have a flat flee, but instead a floating rate that changes depending on the process and most importantly, the client's desires. We are always happy to negotiate. 


Concept Development 

Once the proposal is approved by the client, our talented interior designers get right to work on the design. In general, this consists of two stages - ideation and concept statement. The ideation stage is a brainstorming session to filter out unrealistic/unwanted ideas and find the ones form the foundation of the design. The concept statement is a collection of graphic visualizations of the ideas gathered in the ideation phase. This allows the client to see their dream from a variety of different perspectives.



In Phase 4, our designers present the design concept to the client to generate feedback. The designers then adjust as needed until the design concept is completed to perfection. In general, we include three rounds of revisions per project.



Once the final design is approved by the client, our designers create a detailed list outlining every piece of furniture, decoration, artwork, material and more to be acquired. The prices of each item are clearly outlined as well for the client's convenience. At this stage, an execution timeline estimate is also included.



The final stage of the process is execution.. This marks the actualization of the design. Azula Designs organizes contractor quotes for the client and then prepares a detailed scope of work. Our interior designers work with the contractors from start to finish to ensure everything is implemented properly and address any questions/concerns from the client. 


If the project is local, we will make regular site visits to coordinate the process and inspect the quality. Only after everything is finished to the highest standard do we consider our relationship complete. 
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