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8 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2024

A woman researches online interior design services

If you think living in a cozy home and working in a well-designed office makes you happier, you’re not wrong. Studies and research show that lights, colors, and furniture can affect our feelings and productivity every day.

If you want to create a perfect room but don’t have the time or knowledge for it, then consider an online interior design service. The rise of technology impacts every sector, including interior design. It has become popular nowadays because it gives a more efficient and accessible interior design for everyone.

Our team of experts has found out more about online interior design services. Considering services, features, and designers provided by each platform, here are the 8 best online interior design services of 2024.

1. Havenly

First of all, Havenly will give you some questions to know your needs and taste. They will ask you to choose your favorite type of room from the list they gave. They also ask about how much you know about interior design and which rooms you will decorate. After you finish these questions, Havenly will give you your type of design. The next step is to choose the designer. Havenly will give you other questions to find the top suggestion designers that fit you well.

The designer you choose will be your one-on-one guide. You can tell them the details of your dream space. After they hear you, they will work on it and give you awesome ideas for transforming your space as you wish. You can choose and discuss the result with the designer until you feel satisfied and ready to shop for items. It doesn’t stop there, Havenly will help you to take care of the logistics so all you need to do is wait in your home.

2. Azula Designs

Azula Designs: The best online interior design service

This Bali-based, boutique interior design firm offers both online interior design services and in-person. While the company specializes in modern, modern tropical, minimalist, and classic interior design styles, they can conjure up anything you want.

Being from Indonesia, Azula Designs has access to some of the best handmade furniture in the archipelago, with far more affordable prices than Pottery Barn or other big-name international brands.

Azula Designs takes a personable approach to the design process. Upon initial consultation, the company matches you with an interior designer that fits your design goals. From there, the process is very collaborative and interactive, with regular updates and full online support whenever you need it.

Since they are smaller than some of the other names on this list, customers are treated like friends and family at Azula Designs. For those looking for high-quality interior design with high-quality customer support to match it, look no further than Azula Designs.

3. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is well known as a furniture store but they also provide online design services named Design Crew. In the Design Crew, you can start by exploring design from their gallery or opening an empty plan. After you choose, they will bring you to the worksheets and you can plan your dream space with their products. If you feel satisfied enough with your design, you can continue to view plan items and export your plan to get a shopping list.

Besides The Design Crew, Pottery Barn also provides free appointments for their customers. You can choose In-Home, Virtual, or In-Store design appointments to meet their design expert that will help you style your space.

4. RoomLift

RoomLift offers an experience that you never expected before. It helps you realize your dream room in four doable steps:

  • First, you can show them your plan through their app.

  • Second, expert designers from roomLift will give their best ideas to help you.

  • Third, they will send you a package that gives you the experience to see, touch, and feel the quality of design options only for you.

  • After you agree with the design and the quality, you only need to do the last steps to buy and install the furniture.

5. SpaceJoy

SpaceJoy wants to know everything about you thus they will meet the expectations of your dream room. Before starting the project, they will ask you to complete the questionnaire. It asks you who will use the room, how you will use the room, how much is your budget, and the occasion of the project. After it finishes, they will give you the pricing plans based on your needs to continue the step.

The first thing to design your space with SpaceJoy begins with uploading the floor plan and your room. You can tell them the details of your needs and wants for your ideal room. From that, they will assign a designer who will help you to make a perfect realization of your imagination. Your design will be available on 3D models that you can access through their app. Finally, you can shop all the products in the design with them.

6. Modsy

Modsy is on example of an online nterior design service

Modsy is a mobile application based on iOs to design interior virtual. By buying a Modsy package, you can work with a designer to make over your room. It also includes these benefits: a money-back guarantee to ensure you get an awesome design that suits you, an interactive 3D design version, Bird’s Eye and 360° views of your design, unlimited access to their application features and tools, and a dedicated team to handle your shop.

The first thing you should do if you want to design your room through this app is show them your current space. The application will scan your room without the measurement required. You will get expert design as well as a budget tailored to your needs. They also will give you a quick quiz to discover your style.

7. Decorilla

Decorilla is helpful for those of you who are unsure about your preferred style. As the first step in designing your space, Decorilla requests you to fill out a quiz. They will give you some design concepts from different designers based on your assessment and budget. You can choose your favorite professional designer who will work with you. The chosen designer will communicate with you, create a floor plan, make a color palette, and give you the final photorealistic 3D design as discussed.

If you agree with the design, you will get the shopping list. In Decorilla, you can buy the items at the perfect time without being afraid of the expiry date.

8. Stucco

In only 14 days, Stucco will change your current space into your dream space. For each Stucco Online Interior Design Project, you will get a dedicated interior designer, call and email support, design concepts, final 3D design visualization, a floor plan of your room, a clickable shopping list, and detailed design instructions.

To design your space with Stucco, you can start by booking a free call with them and sharing about your room. They will give you 3 recommendations of designers and you can choose one of them to work with. The designer will give you all your needs including benefits from Stucco. After dealing with the perfect design for your dream rooms, you can buy the goods directly from retailers.

Online Interior Design Services: FAQs

How do interior design services work?

Online interior design services analyze your style based on your needs, interests, and planned budget. The platforms will make you meet either a perfect designer or the perfect tools to make your dream come true in an easy way. Since the project works online, you may get more options for designers considering there is no limitation of distance. You can involve yourself to objectify the detail of your space by communicating directly to your designer. They will provide you with the best visualization of your imagination. After you agree, they will make sure you get the suitable goods right in front of your door.

Who are Online interior design services good for?

Online interior design services are best for those with limited time and energy. It’s a great solution for those who want to create a dream space without the knowledge of how to do so. These services are straightforward to use. You’ll be surprised just how efficient online interior designers are!

Are you looking for an online interior design service? Azula Designs has you covered! Our experienced team of professional interior designers awaits your call. Elevate your life right now by clicking the button below.



Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
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