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Bathroom Ideas: The Ultimate “Do’s and Don’ts” in Bathroom Designs

a photo of bathroom ideas with natural light

The bathroom is more than just a space in the home - it’s your sanctuary. The bathroom is a place to relax and practice self-care throughout the day. It can be the first place you walk into in the mornings, but it’s often overlooked by homeowners. The bathroom’s design is important for cohesion and harmony within the entire house. Understandably, many homeowners run into challenges when brainstorming bathroom ideas.

Most bathrooms have the same selection of appliances and features to choose from. A sink, mirror, bathtub, or shower. People may choose whatever they see first, or keep whatever fixtures are already in the bathroom. While it may seem hard to customize your bathroom, our guide will help you.

Bathroom ideas: “Bathroom Dos”

1. Do consider the layout and size of your bathroom.

a photo of a bathroom floor plan

We’d all love an extensive bathhouse with a huge tub and heated floors. Unfortunately, most bathrooms are of smaller size (at least, compared to the size of average bedrooms). This is another common obstacle in decorating - there’s limited space to add items.

The key is maximizing the space for both functionality and comfort. Create a blueprint of your bathroom to ensure the layout of your furnishings is practical. For example, making sure the door swings outwards instead of inwards can help add space. Measure any new additions you want in the bathroom and compare them to your blueprint.

2. Do incorporate natural light wherever possible.

a picture of a bathroom with natural light

Bathrooms often have a small window or skylight. We often cover up our bathroom windows for privacy. However, this restricts the already limited sunlight available. No one likes a dreary bathroom with harsh, artificial lights that make you look washed out. Instead, add natural light to the bathroom by covering windows in translucent privacy film.

These films come in a range of colors and transparency levels. They can look like stained glass or cast rainbow light reflections. To further enhance natural light, hang a mirror or a reflective material opposite the window. It will reflect and add more light to the space.

3. Do choose a cohesive color scheme.

Did you know that colors can change your mood? Color psychology is a must to consider when planning your bathroom decor. Find color palettes that complement each other, and seek out materials that suit those colors. For example,

  • wallpapers,

  • tiling,

  • grout or filling,

  • fixtures,

  • trimming,

  • and even towels

make up a color scheme. You can also create a mood board as inspiration for your bathroom.

4. Do invest in high-quality fixtures and fittings.

a photo of a bathroom fixtures

The fixtures and fittings, such as:

  • the toilet seat,

  • shower curtains,

  • soap dispenser,

  • and towel racks

are crucial to the design. The bathroom is incomplete without great fittings!

High-quality fixtures are an especially crucial investment as well. You want them to last long-term, even throughout years of daily use.

Invest in sturdy, well-crafted fixtures made of materials that can handle not just daily wear. They need to be durable to heat or cold, humidity, and exposure to water. Stainless steel or brass are commonly considered the best choices. Unlike plastic or even wood, these materials don’t warp.

5. Do add personal touches.

Your bathroom should show off your personality. You can add various personal design touches to ensure your bathroom reflects your style. Personal touches will set your bathroom apart, and make it more inviting - for both yourself and others.

These design additions can serve both a stylistic and practical purpose. For example, you can add a unique soap dispenser, or your favorite hand-crafted soap bar to the sink. Embroidered hand towels can bring a sense of home and family. Decorative shower curtains are a great addition, as are framed paintings or photos. You can even add removable shelving to add storage space to the room and display more items.

Bathroom ideas: “Bathroom Donts”

1. Don’t crowd your bathroom.

a photo of bathroom storage for good bathroom ideas

Most bathrooms take up a smaller area, which means you have limited space to work with. You don’t want to have to tip-toe in your bathroom to avoid knocking over items. Solve this by finding ways to declutter where needed. For example, add shelving in the shower area to keep your toiletries tidy. Or, add storage bins under your sink.

2. Don’t use too many patterns or contrasting colors.

In a smaller space, it’s important not to create an overstimulating design. Your bathroom’s design should be cohesive - not a kaleidoscope of clashing colors. Of course, this doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be bland! Use a mix of complementary colors, patterns, and textures.

3. Don’t neglect ventilation.

Your bathroom is the perfect place for hot, steamy baths and showers. They’re so relaxing - but excessive humidity can also cause mold. Mold is difficult to remove, and you don’t want to destroy your gorgeous bathroom! To avoid moisture buildup and mold growth, install exhaust fans to ensure adequate airflow.

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4. Don’t ignore safety considerations.

While the bathroom is the perfect place to unwind and clean after a long day, it’s also a hotspot for accidents. Slips and falls can cause significant hurt. Installing grab bars near the shower area will help you get out of the tub safely. Adding a non-stick mat to the floor can ensure you’re safe while you towel off! You can even add a night light to easily navigate the bathroom during darker hours.

5. Don’t forget the finishing touches!

a photo of a bathroom with marble floors and walls

Keeping your bathroom simple is a great idea, but make sure it's also cozy and inviting by adding the finishing touches. Hand towels, bars of soap, small houseplants, scented candles, and a bath mat are all great additions. Complementing your design’s theme, colors, or interests can liven the space. These can include custom artwork hung on the walls, or your favorite mug to hold your toothbrush!


With our list of "do’s and don’ts", designing your bathroom will turn into a dreamy experience. Crafting your own, personalized bathroom for both comfort and practicality will make every day a little more enjoyable. Avoiding our don’ts will enhance both your bathroom’s functionality and stylishness! Do you want a professional opinion? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert interior designers for advice. After all, your home deserves the best treatment.


Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
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