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Creating Cool Room Ideas: Your Ultimate Guide

Cool room ideas

A room is more than just brick and mortar. It’s a blank canvas. An opportunity to show off your personality and create an environment that’s not only comfortable, but that inspires you. A cool room should push the boundaries of what’s possible and help you actualize your full potential. 

Sounds nice, right? But how does one bring that dream to reality? 

This article will cover the best cool room ideas for girls, guys, kids, and everything between. If you’re looking to spice up that man cave, smarten up your home office, or add a luxurious touch to your bedroom, then this is the article for you. 

Cool Room Design Principles

Before reaching out to your interior designer and asking them to design a cool room, it’s helpful to first know what the principles are for a cool room. Hint: it’s more than just blasting the AC. 

1. Color Psychology

Did you know that colors can seriously impact your mood and the feel of a room? It’s true. Hence, it’s helpful to choose “cooler” tones like light blue, gray, and green. These feelings give off feelings of calmness and tranquility. Some colors can even mimic a brisk ocean breeze! If you want to chill out your vibes, then avoid warm colors like oranges and reds. They can heat the space. 

2. Lighting for Comfort

Lighting plays a huge role when brainstorming cool room ideas. If you have harsh, overhead lights it can create a sterile and uninviting feel (think hospitals and office buildings). Instead, go for cooler-toned LED lights and yellow lights. If possible, use natural light as much as possible. Strategically placed lamps with dimmer switches can also help create a more chill ambiance. 

3. Layout and Furniture

Being cool is all about “going with the flow bro.” Your room is no different. Avoid blocking windows or vents with furniture to ensure air flows efficiently through the room. Also, leave walking lanes unobstructed and space between furniture to inspire air circulation. Natural materials like wicker or rattan are more breathable. Furthermore, lighter furniture pieces don’t visually add weight to the room. 

4. Cool Room Ideas: Decoration

Don’t forget to incorporate decorative elements to take your space to the next level. For a cool room, we recommend natural elements like plants (real ones, not fake ones) or water features. Plants can purify the air and add a hint of life to your environment. Meanwhile, water offers soothing sights and sounds. 

For curtains, light and flowing fabrics block out the light without creating total darkness. Speaking of light, use mirrors to help give you the illusion of more light and bigger spaces. 

PRO TIP! Natural area rugs can add texture, and style and provide a more comfortable surface than hard floors. 

Cool Room Ideas for Different Tastes

The best part about being cool is that it’s not a universal definition. Everyone has their unique style of “cool.” It might take some time to find yours, but here are some ideas to get you started. 

Cool Room Ideas for Guys

  • The Modern Industrialist: A favorite among trendy bachelors. This style features exposed brick walls, metal accents, and statement lighting.

A photo of a cool industrial room

  • Gaming Suite: Fighting the stereotype of the sloppy gamer, this gaming haven features comfy seating, plenty of tech-focused accessories, and a beautiful dedicated gaming center.

A photo of a cool gaming room

  • Music Lover’s Paradise: If music is your passion, this room is for you. Walls filled with music memorabilia let you flex your music identity and a dedicated listening area gives your favorite records the respect they deserve. Lastly, soundproof panels on the walls make you sound better - and your neighbors will thank you. 

A photo of a cool music room.,

Cool Room Ideas for Girls

  • Glamorous Hang-Out: Bring the glam life home with shimmering wallpaper, plush furniture, and metallic accents. 

A photo of a cool glam room

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: Live the “Boho” life with earth tones, statement plants, and textile wall hanging.

A photo of a cool bohemian room

  • Art studio: For the creatives out there, this artsy haven features a gallery wall with personal artwork, creative lighting, and a comfy reading area for relaxation.

A photo of a cool art studio room

Cool Kids Room Ideas

  • Jungle adventure: Teleport your kids into the deepest parts of the jungle with fun animal-themed wallpaper, jungle print furniture, and interactive play elements.

A photo of a jungle-inspired kids bedroom

  • Fly Me to the Moon: Space-themed decor, beanbag chairs for chilling, and glow-in-the-dark stars will have you thinking you’re on the moon.

A photo of a space-themed kid's bedroom

  • Magical forest: With the wave of a magic wand, transform your space into lush greenery, fairy lights, and magical furniture with a natural forest theme. 

A photo of an enchanted forest kid's bedroom

Pro Tips for Creating a Cool Room

Now that you know cool room design principles and have a few inspirational ideas on making cool rooms for different people, let’s get into the pro tips for creating a cool room. 

  • Own it: Be confident! Don’t let anyone tell you what’s a cool room idea or what’s not. Inject your space with elements that reflect you and your passions. Throw that bass guitar on the wall, hang an abstract art piece, or showcase your green thumb with your favorite plants.

  • Think outside the box: Cool people don’t just follow the trend. Neither should cool rooms. Don’t shy away from experimentation. Turn an old suitcase into a cool vintage side table or hang curtains made from some recycled materials. Let your mind go wild!

  • Do-it-yourself: You have a brain so put it to work! There are plenty of DIY videos online that can teach you how to craft some unique items. Give it a try! You just might like it.

  • Cool doesn’t equal expensive: Yes, cool can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. You can keep things affordable by buying second-hand furniture or using cheap items like throw pillows to add color to a room without breaking the bank. 

Cool room ideas: Conclusion

A cool room doesn’t have to be a luxury. It should be a luxury. A home is something you should look forward to coming to. It is a place where memories are made, comfort is cherished, and your personality can shine without judgment. You owe it to yourself to create a cool and inspiring space. 

There are so many ideas out there. The only thing that’s stopping you is taking that first step. If you need help doing so, Azula Designs is here to help. We’ll walk you through every step of the process to ensure you create a cool room confidently and effortlessly. 

Just click the button below and reach out to one of our design experts. We can’t wait to help you actualize your interior ambitions!


Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
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