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AI Interior Design Apps - A Boon or Bane for Your Dream Room?

A photo of an AI interior designer in the future

Do you want to transform your home into a dream space? It sounds easy in theory but it can often be a maze of conflict. Due to these difficulties, AI interior design apps have risen in popularity over the years due to their promise of a stress-free interior design solution. Yet, do these apps hold up to that promise or do they leave something to be desired?

In this article, we explore the world of AI interior design. We will show you the pros and cons of AI apps and then delve into the unique value human interior designers can bring to your dream space. So grab your mood board and let’s dig into the exciting (and frightening) world of AI-powered design! 

The Rise of AI Interior Design Apps 

How we approach interior design is going through a revolution at the moment. This is all thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). We’ve seen it in other industries. AI is streamlining finance, healthcare, transportation, and more. Now, AI interior design empowers a sect of society that values stylish and comfortable living spaces. 

So, how do interior design apps work?

  1. First, the app, helps you input design preferences, room dimensions, and budget

  2. Then, the app uses this information and database to create a personalized room layout. Complete with furniture and decoration suggestions too.

  3. As a result, you get an accessible and convenient approach to interior design all from the comfort of your coach. It’s no wonder why these apps are increasing in popularity. But, it’s not all sunshine and roses in the AI interior design industry. 

The Pros of AI Interior Design Apps

Before checking out the cons of AI interior design apps, let's first see the benefits.

  • Accessibility and Convenience: AI interior design apps offer an easy way to explore design ideas. No more flipping through magazines or catalogs. These apps let you discover a treasure trove of layouts and schemes at your fingertips. Best of all, no prior design experience is required! Experts or first-time renters can find something useful in these apps. 

  • Inspiration and Exploration: AI apps are a launchpad for creativity. They can help ignite your imagination and discover new styles. This is especially helpful if you feel overwhelmed by the number of choices.

  • Budget-Friendly Option: AI apps are cost-effective. Compared to hiring an experienced, professional designer, these apps offer a wallet-friendly approach to basic interior design. You’re not winning any design awards using these apps. But it can save you some time, money, and frustration.

  • Visualization Tool: The generated visuals allow you to see different layouts and arrangements. This helps you feel your space before committing to any purchases. 

The Cons of AI Interior Design Apps 

While AI interior design apps offer many benefits, it’s also important to note their limitations. 

  • Limited Personalization: Unlike human designers who can grasp your lifestyle, needs, and design traits, AI apps only pull from general data sets. Hence, this results in beautiful but generic designs that don’t capture one’s unique personality.

  • Functionality Over Form: AI prioritizes aesthetics over functionality. For some, that might be a benefit. Yet, perfect symmetrical room layouts don’t look as nice in real life as they do on the screen. Imagine a sofa placed directly in front of a window. Sure, it looks great but when it comes to practicality, it’s not the best choice. Direct sunlight affects things like TV screens or room temperature.

  • The Human Touch: Skilled designers know how to create a space that’s beautiful, and functional and also represents your lifestyle.

  • Limited Customization and Control: AI-generated designs can feel too linear at times. They struggle to adapt to your existing environment, and favorite artwork, or special pieces that add character to your space. The ability to incorporate these personal pieces is a vital aspect of creating a personal dream home. 

Why a Real Interior Designer is Still the Best Choice

A photo of a female interior designer.

Interior design apps offer an easy starting point for budget-conscious homeowners. Yet, for those looking for a high-quality and customized dream space, a real interior designer is the best choice. 

Real interior designers go far beyond what AI offers at the comment. For example, all Azula Designs seasoned designers have a vast wealth of knowledge in 

Furthermore, real interior designers have close relationships with furniture and decoration vendors, relationships that take years to build. These cherished partnerships bring benefits to the client as well such as

  •  Lower prices

  • Access to high-quality pieces of furniture not available to the public

  • Hands-on support

It’s not about aesthetics though. Real designers take the time to understand your vision, budget, and lifestyle. These in-depth consultations translate to the final design. In the process, when challenges arise - and challenges always do arise, a designer’s problem-solving skills shine. 

Lastly, the most important part of hiring a designer is end-to-end project management and support. From procurement and purchasing to installation and final touches, designers handle everything for you. This results in a stress-free experience for you. 

So while AI apps are a fun and inspiring tool, to get a space that reflects your unique sense of style and fulfills your needs, real interior designers are still preferred.


The AI revolution is here. There is no escaping that. The unparalleled accessibility, convenience, and inspiration of AI interior design apps are clear. In a few clicks, you can explore a wide array of design styles and layouts all within your budget. However, it’s worth noting that AI cannot replicate the human touch - at least not yet. 

Having a skilled designer on your team brings knowledge and experience to the project. This ensures that your space is not only beautiful but functional and representative of your personality. Furthermore, interior designers navigate challenges, source high-quality, exclusive materials and manage the entire design process from start to finish. 

In conclusion, AI apps are great to help you get inspiration and explore some ideas on your own. Think of it as an interactive research tool that will point you in the right direction. If you want to truly create a dream space that showcases your individuality, then consider a real interior designer. 

The team at Azula Designs takes a personalized approach to interior design that will transform your vision into a reality. So reach out to us today and explore all the wonderful possibilities of working with a professional interior designer. Your dream home awaits! 


Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
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